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Young adults make up less than 10% of all cancer patients, but this age group is the least likely to survive.

Many non-profit organizations exist to provide support to younger and older cancer patients, neglecting the small population of young adults battling cancer on their own. Young adults are braving those formidable years as they enter adulthood, when most pursue education, start a career and possibly a family. Many young adults diagnosed with cancer go through it alone, without a spouse or the support of parents. Most do not yet have the financial freedom necessary to take the required time away from work, while juggling the financial obligations of cancer treatment, prescriptions, living expenses, and even college loans.

As cancer patients, we cannot control the wind, but we have the power to adjust the sails. Just as a fly on the mast of a sailboat provides guidance on wind direction, The FLY Foundation aims to provide temporary assistance to help young adults navigate the choppy waters of cancer treatment in an effort to regain their health without experiencing the setback associated with amassing financial debt.

The FLY Foundation will provide support to young adults diagnosed with cancer, aged 19-39, who are US citizens and residents of Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Funds may reimburse recipients for co-insurance, co-pays, and living expenses, including rent/mortgage payment and utilities, during treatment. All net proceeds collected through fundraising are funneled directly into grants so that your support goes to the people who need it most.